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Plants & Friends at Praterlounge - St. Pölten

Activity  Review


Youssef Hamza

Short summary:

Plants & Friends is one of the programmes that are part of the Green Steps mobile campus, during which you will get to know the Plants and Animals of your home in a playful and engaging way. Find out what we found at Praterlounge!

Once again was time to enjoy nature and we decided to explore Praterlounge!
You can find there bamboos, cherry trees, horse chestnuts, balsamic and black poplars: Praterlounge constitutes a huge opportunity to get to know Big friendly Giants. Located right next to the Traisen, the park offers an astonishing view. The flowers cover the area of this natural area, allowing the observation of many bees and bumblebees in action.

Praterlounge welcomed us with beautiful bamboo plants and balsamic poplars. These two species immediately captured the curiosity of the children. The use of multiple senses was central in our experience. Indeed, we stimulated our tactile memory by playing “Find your tree”. The children were blindfolded and accompanied to one of the trees in the surrounding. Once they could see again, they struggle to find their assigned tree.

Another occasion for having fun and learning more about nature was our treasure hunt. We collected various flowers, leaves, bark pieces and fruits in a bag, and we asked the children to find which tree they were coming from in the park. The five senses helped us: touching and smelling the natural items was crucial for finding our trees again! We needed to restore our energy for a while, so we decided to have a quick break involving hammocks, our favourite snacks and insect collections.

Once we had recharged our batteries, we went to the Traisen’s shore. The collection of aquatic organisms was undoubtedly the favourite activity of our little explorers. We started to recreate the flora and the fauna of the river in our boxes. The enthusiasm of the children was fuelled by the observation of a beautiful little fish that they caught with the fishnet. We have also found a Damselfly’s larvae and several tiny aquatic organisms.

The Traisen river was such a source of inspiration that we decided to make camp there, put out our blanket and express our creativity. Equipped with coloured pencils and nature journals, we spent the rest of our afternoon by drawing the new friends that we met. Unfortunately, our adventure had to end, but the memories that we collected this afternoon make us feel ready and excited for the next one. See you soon explorers!