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Green Steps


 We make education for sustainable development easy for everyone, everywhere 

what is that?

The Green Steps ARK is a platform for sustainability education.

Our aim is to make people more aware of their connection with nature and of their role in the ecosystem, with an intuitive and attractive design.

We built with educators and communities, making their mission easier and more effective with an handy tool.

How to use it?

Are you looking for an event in your area? Register on the ARK as a learner, book, pay, attend the event or the course of your choice, and keep track of your progress in your personale profile page. You will see your bioregional identity growing and get badges for every milstone reached on your learning path.



Green Steps Seoul represents the REWILD YOURSELF exhibition at Sinsa House in Seoul


In the fall, Ellen was part of an exhibition at Sinsa House in Seoul showcasing sustainable efforts in the Korean fashion and automotive industries. In a joint effort between environmentalist David de Rothschild and Hyundai Motor Cars, Seoul citizens were invited to the REWILD YOURSELF project. Here, city dwellers were able to step out of their busy indoor city lives and into a forest-like natural environment to experience its impact on them. Some visitors said it took them right back to their childhood….. find out more details through the interview below.

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The Human Being as Ecosystem Service Provider


This essay calls upon the reader to consider human resources as natural resources and the human species as a keystone species which can destroy and create ecosystems. Integrating human ecosystem services into the global economy requires a fair and decentralized remuneration which empowers individuals to contribute to a solution of the climate crisis. The introduction of a universal basic income which complements a shrinking labor market and distributes the productivity gains harvested through automation and digitalization is a solution to the environmental and social crisis.

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Multiple collaborations confirmed for 2023


Green Steps has started a cooperation with the Center for Urban Nature at the Technical University of Munich to visualize ecosystem services for trees. The collaboration aims at making the value of old trees easy to understand through engaging science communication. Several other collaborations have also been formalized.

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