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Green Steps


 We make education for sustainable development easy for everyone, everywhere 

what is that?

The Green Steps ARK is a platform for sustainability education.

Our aim is to make people more aware of their connection with nature and of their role in the ecosystem, with an intuitive and attractive design.

We built with educators and communities, making their mission easier and more effective with an handy tool.

How to use it?

Are you looking for an event in your area? Register on the ARK as a learner, book, pay, attend the event or the course of your choice, and keep track of your progress in your personale profile page. You will see your bioregional identity growing and get badges for every milstone reached on your learning path.

Are you a guide? Register on the ARK as an educator, share your best practices and learn from other guides already on the platform, while making your administrative and promotional tasks easier. Organize your event in a few clicks!

Does your community have sustainable development in their mission? Build your digital presence on the ARK and find out all the tools making managing members and reaching out to new participants way easier.  



Wie man aus Kindern Piraten macht

Green Steps STP

Seit drei Jahren gehe ich regelmäßig einmal im Monat auf Abfalljagd,i egal wo ich bin. Meine Frau ist noch immer irritiert, aber die Kinder sind gerade wenn wir neue Strecken ablaufen gerne dabei. Auch in St. Pölten wollten wir am Sonntag eine neue Strecke kennenlernen, da ich geglaubt hatte, dass drei Reinigungen rund um die Glanzstoff ausreichend waren. Überdies hatte der städtische Abfalldienst kurz nach unserem Jänner Einsatz den Müll entlang der Herzogenburgerstrasse gründlichen entsorgt.

Shanghai Wetlands: an ecosystem to protect


Nature is not a museum to be admired from a distance. While we all can understand how crucial some areas are, we have to establish a connection in order to truly take care of those places, fully understand their value, and finally commit to preserving it. Dianshan Lake is the only natural lake in the Shanghai area, its health is crucial for over 25 million people, and for over 400 avian species, including endangered shorebirds.


Team Intro

Find yourself travelling the World, find the World in a magical place in the middle of nothing. Is this enough to summarize the mind behind the ARK design? Definitely not! You still need to read more about service design, roller skating and, of course, a passion for nature and sustainability. Get to know Anna!