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Good reads for you, your child and the planet

DIY Shinboku - The shintoist art of decorating trees

Activity  Review

Introducing a new activity offered by Green Steps STP. Join us for a traditional tree decorating workshop. From no on every Saturday in Sonnenpark, St. Pölten.

Plants & Friends Kaiserwald with Otto Glöckel School

Activity  Review

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice than enjoying nature exploration! Our last Plant & Friends took place in the wonderful natural reserve of Kaiserwald. But we were not alone: almost twenty young explorers decided to join us for this adventure!

Plants & Friends at Praterlounge - St. Pölten

Activity  Review

Plants & Friends is one of the programmes that are part of the Green Steps mobile campus, during which you will get to know the Plants and Animals of your home in a playful and engaging way. Find out what we found at Praterlounge!

Learning: Equity and Possibility


Since 2020, the online classroom has been an essential part of life for school-age children during the pandemic. Throughout the globe, having little- if any- access to the internet has pushed back major sustainable educational goals set by the UN, but maybe this can teach us all something about what a “school” is and can be.

On the Health Benefits of the Mobile Campus


The Green Steps Mobile Campus is online and you are welcome to book single sessions in the Spring program which started on March 27th or weekly courses of the Summer program which will start on July 4. Grow your empathy for nature – one exciting step at a time! Choose between two age specific activity formats and 20 routes crisscrossing St. Pölten, taking you to corners you have never been and showing you perspectives, you have never imagined. Learn in this article why participating in the Mobile Campus is good for your health and the wellbeing of your children.

Earth Day 2022 – On Pirates, Snakes and Snails

Plastic Pirates

Earth Day 2022. We are again on the prowl to restore the planet – the last Plastic Pirates activity of the season took a courageous crew into the wild where we loot 54 kg of waste from a plot which is supposedly owned by a transnational real estate tycoon, while fighting off the rain. Rain is what snails love, so they turn into a major attraction as well as a young grass snake which we discover in a large plastic tarp.

Behind Green Steps: EVELYN

Team Intro

Do you believe in serendipity? This Green Steps Nature Guide certainly does know how to go with the flow. Get to know her: get to know our Evelyn!

Der Frühling ist da – der Mobile Campus ist ON!


Der Green Steps Mobile Campus mit den beiden Programmen Plants & Friends und Big Friendly Giants hat begonnen. Erfahre in diesem Bericht, worum es dabei geht und wie die ersten Events verlaufen sind.

Behind Green Steps: MERLIN MAYER

Team Intro

Amateur nature photographer, part-time nature writer, and full-time nature learner. Get to know one of the youngest members of the Green Steps’ family: get to know our Merlin Mayer!

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