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Why do we need nature education?

Nature Journal

Human consumption endangering Earth ability to regenerate resources is before our eyes. It’s time to explore a different approach and imagine a different future if we still want to have one. Nature Education is not mainstream, but it reveals to be necessary to nurture people’s awareness.



Three reviews for you: a game, a book and a film that connect us to Nature. This month we have chosen “Brain box: Nature”; “How to teach nature journaling” and “The Social Dilemma”

Behind Green Steps: VALENTIN PIVERT

Team Intro

Can you imagine calligraphy opening the path that leads to UX/UI design, and also building a bridge between Europe and China? Can you imagine this path stepping by business studies and leading towards social entrepreneurship? Stop guessing and grab a pain au chocolat: get to know our Graphic Designer Valentin!

Green Steps x ALDI CR DAY


60 employees of ALDI CHINA came to Shanghai Wusong Pao Taiwan Wetland Forest Park to run a meaningful "Plastic Pirates, Restore the Ocean" event. The event’s purpose was two-fold: encouraging people to take care of the environment with practical actions, and at the same time giving global villagers the opportunity to participate in waste clean-up activities.


Green Steps STP

Die ungemähten Wiesen rund um das Augustinerstift Herzogenburg wurden in diesem Jahr zum gemeinsamen Spielplatz und Klassenzimmer für die Kinder der NÖ Kindersommerspiele! Bäume, Kräuter und Insekten zogen sie und ihre Familien in die Green Steps Lernerfahrung

NÖKISS 2021: the joy to explore a wild orchard

Nature Journal

The uncut meadows around the Augustinian Abbey in Herzogenburg became common playground and classroom for the kids attending the Lower Austrian Children’s Summer Games this year! Trees, herbs and insects attracted them and their families into the Green Steps learning experience

Behind Green Steps: AVA QIAN

Team Intro

Bird lover and meticulous activity designer raised in the urban jungle of Shanghai. Connecting with nature was a driving passion since a very young age for her. A passion she kept fostering until the day she joined Green Steps team (and beyond). Get to know our Nature Guide Ava!

Green Steps auf den NÖKISS 2021

Green Steps STP

Zum Ausklang der Ferien wird also noch einmal richtig gefeiert. Schau bei unserem Stand im Altstift vorbei und lass dich von uns in die Natur des Stiftgartens führen. Zum 50 jährigen Veranstaltungsjubiläum bietet auch Green Steps erstmals spannende Aktivitäten für junge Naturforscher an.

Green Steps at NÖKISS 2021


Let’s celebrate the end of the summer holidays together! Stop by our booth in the old part of the Herzogenburg Abbey and let us guide you into the nature of the monastery garden. For the 50th anniversary of the event, Green Steps is offering exciting activities for young and aspiring naturalists for the first time.

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