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Sonnenpark with an intergenerational class - REVIEW

Activity  Review

Last Monday we facilitated a treasure hunt in Sonnenpark with an intergenerational class. The adverse weather and the enthusiasm of the children made us think once again about Natural Deficit Disorder and its potential solutions.



A book by the German forester Peter Wohlleben explains clearly why we at Green Steps focus our educational efforts on trees. Only those who know trees are able to protect them. Only those who know about their ecosystem services, which are vital for us, can appreciate them.

How to add a RIP tag on a tree specimen?


An important functionality of our tree inventory is online: the RIP tag. even though we don't want to use it often its essential to empower citizen driven transparency in regard to trees which have been logged without consent of people concerned.

Ancient trees in danger - your membership in Green Steps can protect them


Dear all, this extraordinary article has a special reason: we want to get you as supporters of a cause that concerns us all. Needless to say that this is important, so pls give us your full attention. You might soon face a similar situation in your hometown.

R.I.P. Monumental lime tree felled in Ochsenburg.


St. Pölten, 21 July, 2022. Tilia platyphyllos felled under the castle Ochsenburg. We are in shock. The tree was at least 200 years old and had a trunk circumference of 530 cm - making it one of the five largest linden trees in St. Pölten. Our suspicion that the city administration unscrupulously sacrifices old tree giants for the benefit of urban development has been dramatically confirmed by this case.

A day with Campus Radio 94.4


On the 12th of July, Sophia and Kimberly, from Campus & City Radio 94.4 (CR 94.4), invited us for an interview in their studio. We talked about the history of Green Steps, our local and global mission to connect people with nature, and what our daily job as nature guides is like!

Hikes in Nature as part of a culture festival? Big Friendly Giants at Tangente STP festival


Three Big Friendly Giants walks will be led by Green Steps as part of the Tangente Summer Residency from August 12-14 to learn about the neighborhood around the University of Applied Sciences and Kulturheim Nord in an ecological, cultural, and social way. What does nature have to do with culture? This question is explored here.

Plants & Friends Feldmühle - Review

Activity  Review

Summer is finally here, and we decided once again to experience the beauty of nature in St. Polten. We decided to explore the alluvial area of Feldmühle and shared this adventure with the children “Otto Glöckel Elementary School”. Given the peculiarity of this natural area, we decided to focus our experience on the topic of aquatic organisms.

Nature Deficit Disorder: A Secondary Symptom of Lockdown


Residents of Shanghai have successfully survived a two-and-a-half-month lockdown for COVID-19 containment. Such extended periods with virtually no exposure to natural environments arguably have invisible effects on people via Nature Deficit Disorder.

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