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On 21st Century Youth Skills


The UN celebrates on July 15th every year the World Youth Skills Day. One might ask: why? Do youth skills have a similar importance as e.g. the eradication of poverty? This short article argues that youth skills are the very foundation for the eradication for almost all miseries our world suffers from.

The Hoopoe Summit 2021


From the 2nd to the 11th of July 35 young people between 16 and 30 years from all over Europe came together in Apetlon in the national park Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel in Austria for the first ever Hoopoe Summit. The main objective of the event was to create the Hoopoe Declaration, a document outlining the participant’s demands for the future of Europe.

Green Steps Mobile Campus: what is that?

Green Steps STP

An itinerant event. The concept behind our initiative to connect people with nature with our local activities in Sankt Pölten is to involve children and plant the seed of nature stewardship for the ecosystem they live in with the best possible teaching device: making it FUN! Learn more about Green Steps method and check our events schedule.

The Hoopoe Summit: Day 8

Nature Journal

On the very last day of the Hoopoe Summit the main event was the presentation of the declaration. The morning was free, so the participants could go to the lake to take a dip, play games, or just rest after a very intense week. In the afternoon everyone came back to prepare the “Storchenschmiede” (our accommodation, in English “stork forgery”) for the presentation.

The Hoopoe Summit: Day 7

Nature Journal

Last day with the park rangers on the field: catching insects, categorizing birds, and drawing record of all plants and animals met during the week. Evening session was all about China and the its role to make the fight for climate action worthy and impactful, and the future of the sino-european network in the Hoopoe Summit vision. Later the same day it was finally time for the Hoopoe Declaration to be presented in public!

The Hoopoe Summit: Day 6

Nature Journal

The time on the field with park rangers is almost over: on this day the environmental youth was brought to visit the National Park museum to learn about species harder to spot and get more insights on the salt lakes ecosystem. For our work on the declaration topic of the day was social entrepreneurship.

The Hoopoe Summit: Day 5

Nature Journal

Paddling hard on the Lake Neusiedl to find out the amazing variety and diversity of ecosystems hidden in the beautiful scenery that hosts our Summit. After a day break, the work on the Hoopoe Declaration was pushed on with the contribution of the German team on "meaningless modernity".

The Hoopoe Summit: Day 4

Nature Journal

This day was humpday for the Hoopoers! The schedule starts getting tight, but a big group decided to join a fascinating bike tour across the park or around the lake. It was a day off from the iteration on the Hoopoe Declaration, with an evening dedicated to socializing and local food and drinks.

The Hoopoe Summit: Day 3

Nature Journal

Park Neusiedler See discovery goes on for the participants from five different countries, who splitted in two "teams" for the day. One went on water exploration by canoeing in the lake, the other stayed on land and had the chance to meet water buffalos and gray cattles.

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