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Behind Green Steps: Ellen Loasby

Team Intro

Born in Germany, living in Shanghai. Working in education with a passion for yoga. Joined Green Steps as a Nature Guide because she wants to protect the environment every day, but also because she believes in the wisdom of children. Get to know our Ellen!

Chestnuts, Memories & Practical Life

Nature Journal

While society stigmatizes manual work, during childhood it is instead crucial to create vivid memories and to teach long lasting practical lessons we will need in our daily life thanks to the educational value of physical activities. Like picking chestnuts from the ground.

Cities and their Evolutionary Purpose as Learning Space


Change makers are called to look deeply into fast urbanizing regions to assess whether cities in their contemporary setup do promote human and planetary wellbeing. recommendation for a Citymaker 2.0 program

Keeping Each Other Company, Healing Childhood


This environment somehow halfway between home and school helped us to better understand the way children think. Now we tend to give them more trust, and we feel that we are better at assisting them in a way that goes in the direction to fulfill their potential.

Shanghai water sources depend on wetlands


In “上海滩” (pinyin: Shanghai tan), which is a traditional way to refer to the city of Shanghai (上海), the word “tan” (滩) actually means “shore”. That is not “just a name” and it is not by chance

A Happy Childhood in Nature


Our families may have roots in the countryside: fine memories might blind us. Simple happiness doesn't come easy, but it is a priceless reward. Children in the cities should learn that, too.

Play with Flying Friends


We have a new product connecting you with nature: our first card game is out

velomobile jorg gebers

Mr. Jörg Gebers’ Long Way Home


A journey from China to Europe riding a very special bike

Multisensorial Education in the Outdoor Classroom

Multisensorial Education in the Outdoor Classroom


What makes an experience educational? It must leave memories strong enough to be recalled and linked to knowledge pieces.

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