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On the road

Milla's Year of ESC Volunteering: A Journey with Green Steps!


Milla is about to complete her ESC-volunteership with Green Steps! This article highlights a year of her growth, learning, and contributions during this time.

One Year of Volunteering with Green Steps!

Team Intro

Elena is about to complete her ESC-volunteership with Green Steps! This is an article about her adventures, outcomes and achievements.

New Best Practices: Soviet Union and the Balkans ecoregions


Two new regional best practices show the impact of ecoregions on peace and good governance. Ignorance towards bioregional entities almost always leads to conflict and oppression. In our new best practices on the Balkans region and the former Soviet Union, we show the eco-and bioregions are the structure for a post-national world order.

BFG Guardian Workshops for schools online!


Just in time for the start of the warm season, we have completed the last of 10 workshops to help schools get started with and scale place-based education. What is place-based education and why is it the only viable way out of the education and climate crisis? How can you start the project at your school? Get some answers here.

On Ecosystem Services provided by Trees for Butterflies and Amphibians


Every week or so we add a new regional Best Practice of place-based education to the global library - get inspired and create similar events, wherever you support kids and youth to get in touch with Mother Earth! This week we introduce two formats that teach about the migration of butterflies and toads; as well as their dependencies on trees.

We are hiring!


Our lovely ESC volunteers Elena and Milla will soon have completed their volunteerships with Green Steps and we have started to look for a new generation of ESC volunteers to support our environmental education activities in St. Pölten.

End of Winter Term! 3 Student Exhibition Openings!


At St. Georgen lower secondary, the Big Friendly Giants workshops on ecosystem services and bioregions were implemented for the first time as part of regular school lessons. At the end of the semester, there were three exhibition openings and many ideas on how to implement interdisciplinary teaching.

Gardening Start 2024

Groovy Garden

In our first gardening class of the year, we started planting seeds indoors with students from our Montessori class. Now we are waiting for our broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes to grow! Read the article to find out how our Groovy Garden project is going!

BFG Iceberg

Big Friendly Giants

From the 'Visiting St. Pölten' deck to the VHS garden's charm, Kaiserwald's autumnal beauty, and a hint of winter with Christmas trees near Iceberg Park—our journey captures the changing seasons.

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