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Plastic Pirates with Naturfreunde Wien

Plastic Pirates

Plastic Pirates is a great format for individuals and schools to get active cleaning up your hometown! On the 22nd of September, we were invited by Naturfreunde Wien to organize a Plastic Pirates event with 40 teens from a local middle school. Read more about the event in the following article.

Biotop maintenance with Lanius

Activity  Review

There are different ways to practice nature stewardship. Our local team joined the regional nonprofit Lanius during summer in a few biotope maintenance events to learn about nature beyond city limits. Being a nature steward is a rewarding activity which should be made visible to others as a good example to follow. Our web app makes this now possible.

2023 Summer Best practices

Mobile Campus

In this article, we will briefly describe new best practices and we encourage you to look for more details on our ARK library!

Many hands and fast it ends

Mobile Campus

On Thursday morning, we were at the Otto Glöckel Elementary School and met with Annelies, a recreational educator associated with us, and the children from the municipal vacation care program to move the bricks supplied by Hornbach from the running track to the meadow. In the process, we were able to make an interesting pedagogical observation. And there was a quasi-vegan raffle.


Team Intro

Meet Milla Berezutskaya, a ESC-volunteer of Green Steps who has a diverse role in digital and environmental dimensions. In this interview, Milla shares insights into her daily routine, unknown facts, and her journey from Barnaul City to joining Green Steps. Discover how her passion for sustainability, language skills, and artistic interests converged to contribute meaningfully to the organization's mission.



Once upon a time, there were some impressive giant trees on the Rudolfshöhe in Wilhelmsburg. Now the last large-leaved lime tree is going to be cut down. According to the Kendel-Groiss family, on whose land the tree stands, the district administration of St. Pölten-Land is using tree liability as a means of exerting pressure. Is it allowed to do so?

Art and Climate Crisis


A short conversation with Tarun Kade, the new artistic director of the Tangente Cultural Festival, has provided impetus to reflect on the meaning of art and a redefinition of the current concept of art in light of the climate crisis.ription

Behind Green Steps: Helen

Team Intro

Russian biologist passionate about nature, literature, theatre and new experiences. Get to know our new ESC-volunteer Helen!

Gamified Nature Education Is Key to Urban Climate Change Adaptation

Mobile Campus

Dutch urban planning student Lillah Martien wrote during her internship with Green Steps STP a super interesting paper which seeks to bridge the seemingly unrelated domains of spatial planning and spatial education in an Austrian pilot project. Gamified environmental education with massive citizen participation is highlighted as a bottom-up strategy to complement existing municipal top-down measures.

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