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Short summary:

Meet Jaba Jabauri, the new ESC volunteer of Green Steps from Georgia.

● Do you have a Nickname?
In my country most of the Nicknames are made out of the surname so, funny fact, I kinda have the same name and surname (Jaba Jabauri), so everyone calls me Jaba. And when they hear about this fact, they are joking about tautology and calling me Coca-Cola or other stuff like that.

● Explain to a stranger what you do for Green Steps?
Many people were asking that on my arrival training and the main answer always was to work in ARK, and I was explaining what we do with the program. But now I am just exploring and studying it and soon I want to help the team to make more ecological routes to give more options to app users to explore their surroundings. Also, I want to help the team in marketing, so more people can know about the Green Steps, and more people will start admiring nature.

● What is your daily routine? What is something you like doing and your coworkers may not know about you?
I just arrived like 20 days ago, so I am still sorting out what to do. I want to write more about my adventures in Austria, to have better memories of it, but I don't like writing so I need to force myself 😀. I also challenged myself before coming here, that I would be ready for stand-up comedy when I go back to Georgia and it needs to be full of stories that happened during my adventure. So I need to make writing my daily routine.

● Use less than 250 words to tell a story about yourself: starting from “where are you from” to the choice of joining Green Steps.
I am from Tbilisi, Georgia. I always loved nature, working with children, and going to summer and winter camps, I was interested in sustainability and climate change, I have also been in Austria before and I was in love with the country. So when I found out about this program, it was kind of a mix of everything I like and without any further thoughts I said, I need to send my application there. I am looking forward to having an amazing adventure here, with stories I will never forget.

● Mention a book you read as a teenager that still tells something about you, and that you would still suggest reading.
I will be honest I don't love reading and I have not read many books, but there was a book I read when I was a teenager that made an impression on me, and if someone asks me about the book this is the one that comes to my mind. It is a Georgian book, written by one of my favorite writers, Guram Dochanashvili and if we translate the name word by word it will be - Love of one thing, that needs to be hidden. The book is about loving your own country and appreciating every small detail of it. The main character expresses love so naturally that if a Georgian reads it, would admit that we have a great country.
This photo is from the movie that is filmed based on the book and the main character is played by one of my favorite Georgian actors. So the movie is also great.

● How do you expect you and Green Steps to have an impact in the next few years? Close with a wish for the organization.
I am always saying that the key to a better life is in education and knowledge, that means that if people have more knowledge about their surroundings, about the nature they are living in and what this nature does for the environment, they would take better care of it and would try to protect it from any harm. And that is what Green Steps does, they help people to get more information about the nature they are living in, so I am sure that it will have an impact, and with small steps, we will achieve big success.