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BFG quest with Jugend:Info NÖ

Big Friendly Giants


Gloria Corradini

Short summary:

On the 12th of October, the Jugend:Info NÖ invited us to organize with them the BFG route in Sonnenpark for all the ESC volunteers in Lower Austria! To know more about the event, check out the following article and watch our YouTube video!

On the 12th of October, the Youth centre “Jugend:Info NÖ”, which coordinate all the ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteers in Lower Austria, organised a “getting together” event in St. Pölten, for the volunteers of this year to get to know each other and connect with other international youths.
Green Steps is hosting ESC volunteers since 2021 and this year we have 2 great volunteers from Russia helping us, Elena and Milla. Thanks to our ESC volunteer program, Jugend:Info got to know us, and on the 12th of October, we were invited to guide part of the event!
The event started at 10:30 at the Jugend:Info office in the centre of St. Pölten and more than 20 volunteers from all other Lower Austria participated!
They first introduced themselves, and then they slowly walked to Sonnenpark, a beautiful large park in the north of the town with a high diversity of trees, vegetable gardens and artistic projects.

In Sonnenpark, since spring, we have installed one of our BFG routes, made of 18 trees, mapped, and tagged with QR codes, spread along 1 km loop walk. Each QR code is linked to specific questions on the natural and cultural aspects of a specific tree. This game is a great tool for people of any age that want to spend a nice afternoon outside learning more about the ecosystem that surround them and increase their bioregional identity.
On the day of the event, we quickly introduced the game to the volunteers, and we sent them out in groups in the park to hunt for trees and quests!

It was a great day! At the end we had a nice picknick on the grass and the fastest team won one of our Flying Friends games, a memory game to learn about birds in English and German language.
Check out this You- Tube video to see some of the best moment of the event in action!