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Gardening Start 2024

Groovy Garden


Sokolova Elena

Short summary:

In our first gardening class of the year, we started planting seeds indoors with students from our Montessori class. Now we are waiting for our broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes to grow! Read the article to find out how our Groovy Garden project is going!

This week we had the first gardening class of the year! We are happy to share the progress we’ve made since the beginning of this project. Last year we worked hard in the school garden with the students from a Montessori class and the municipal afternoon care program at Otto Glöckel primary. Together we purchased basic tools, prepared garden beds, got rid of construction debris, tilled the soil, added a substantial amount of organic manure, and framed a border.
Throughout the winter, our preparations for the upcoming gardening season were in full swing. We prepared for the new gardening season by teaching the children indoors many different things imporant for future gardeners: different types of vegetables, their taxonomic order, optimal sowing distance for seeds and seedlings, and eventually, we made a plan for planting vegetables!

This first class was about the exciting process of sowing seeds. Firstly, we selected seeds suitable for sowing in January, including broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes. Then we filled them in pots with nutritious soil.
And then we sowed broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes in pots. At the end of this session, each child signed their respective pots, so they wouldn't forget which plants they were responsible for.

Now, our focus shifts to nurturing these seeds into plants by watering them and patiently awaiting their growth. Once it is possible we plan to transplant the seedlings from the pots to the designated garden beds. Certain seeds, such as carrots, radishes, beets, and cucumbers, will be directly sown into the soil when the weather becomes warmer.

Next steps are watering and caring for our plants in the coming weeks, and waiting for the warmth to arrive to transplant them! We are looking forward to the next classes! If you would like to start your own Groovy Garden project in your school or neighborhood communities, you can use our ARK best practice and contact us for support at [email protected]