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Short summary:

We have a new product connecting you with nature: our first card game is out


Make learning fun! This is one of the Green Steps’ mantras! We have a new product connecting you with nature: Flying Friends, our first card game.

Green Steps in a matchbox

Flying Friends is a card game that aims at the accelerated understanding of birds on your own ecosystem. Two to four players pair identical photos of birds. Whoever gets most pairs wins.

This might sound like an ordinary memory game, but there is much more about it.

Ecological concept

Mass production led existing publications and games about wildlife to be encyclopedic or offering a selection of species that we might have no chance to encounter in our real life.

Green Steps is all about the outdoor experience, and our card game is, too. We designed this very first edition of Flying Friends in cooperation with Yangtze Delta birding experts, identified the birds in this bioregion, and selected the ones you will be most likely to encounter.

This is how a board game becomes a powerful tool in the hands of children, parents, and educators. How does it work?

Educational Concept

Our card game is inspired by the Montessori “Nomenclature and Definition Cards”. It helps to build long-term memory. Using the same idea, Flying Friends helps players to retain information about birds, and retain them longer.

Linguistic Concept

Our first edition is bilingual, thus allowing foreign and Chinese players to have a good time matching birds. The linguistic potential of the game is only limited by the number of languages on our planet, but it is not (only) about learning languages. It is about building communities.

Flying Friends can be set up in various languages of the same bioregion, helping children from Chinese and Thai border areas (for example) to jointly explore the natural world in a playful manner.

A Bioregional Identity

The main challenge for whoever works in education is engaging kids in a society whose pillars are based on entertainment. Stimuli are all over the place, and getting a child’s attention is not a piece of cake.

Green Steps' mission has always been to design and implement experiential activities to increase respect and understanding of Mother Earth.

A playful way to connect children with nature is the best way to make them aware of their local bioregion. It is the very first step to be taken in order to build a connection with nature and become aware of Earth as a gigantic ecosystem.

Get your own set of Flying Friends!

We are making the game part of our activities: join our upcoming events to play and ask our Nature Guides how to get a set for yourself, or send us an email at [email protected]