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The Hoopoe Summit: Day 3

Activity  Review


Green Steps

Short summary:

Park Neusiedler See discovery goes on for the participants from five different countries, who splitted in two "teams" for the day. One went on water exploration by canoeing in the lake, the other stayed on land and had the chance to meet water buffalos and gray cattles.

hoopoe summit: day 3

We continue our exploration of the national park Neusiedler See.

Remember the park rangers we teamed-up with yesterday? This morning we had another session with them, and split into three groups to discover the area doing different activities.

One group went canoeing in the huge reed belt of the Lake Neusiedl where they learned about the unique habitat that this ecosystem provides.

The other two groups stayed on land and got to see some water buffaloes and gray cattle – these big mammals live in an enclosed part of the national park and are meant to maintain the open grasslands. In fact, without human intervention it would turn into bushes and forests since the big herds of aurochs and European bison went extinct centuries ago.

The day left time for another fun outdoor activity: we learned how to make pens out of reed.

Since the stalks are hollow, ink gets easily soaked up into them: with the right cut they end up making perfect pens for handwriting!

As usual, the evening is dedicated to debate by one of the teams joining the summit to keep the summit works going.

The evening programme was started by a presentation about youth unemployment by the group from Lithuania. The topic sparked a very lively discussion, as you can expect for a very relatable issue as it is for people the age of the participants to the Hoopoe Summit.

One of the most flaming conversation was the one about the impact of automation on daily tasks such as cleaning, scheduling or even planning your free time in accordance to weather reports. It caused vivid exchanges between the participants, and in the end contributed to our main project: the Hoopoe declaration.