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Green Steps - Training - Learning to connect with nature

Lettering training
Lettering training

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Guiding our children into a sound 21st century adulthood

We believe in life long learning and the mentor-disciple relationship. It unfolds in our training and in our activities in a threefold manner. Master trainers train nature guides, nature guides train activity participants, and we always continue to learn from our students who quite often teach the most important lessons.

We are great fans of community driven, collaborative learning and use only appropriate technology to distribute material. Online learning might work for some people well, but for us its all about building real connections to nature and people.

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The way the world learns to survive

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Collaboration instead of competition

We have reached a bottleneck in human evolution and need to shift our learning focus away from competition and towards collaboration. Climate change and a widening wealth gap are two symptoms of the same root cause.

Unfolding the human potential

We practice cultural unlearning with the sole objective of unfolding the human potential by growing empathy for the environment.

Montessori 2.0

We are deeply influenced by Dr. Maria Montessori’s pedagogical anthropology and have no ties to conventional methods of teaching. We believe that education has to be reformed in regard to time, space and attitude.

Reduction of teacher-student ratios

We believe that teaching is above all observation. In order to be able to observe teacher-student ratios need to be significantly reduced and the number of teachers substantially increased.

Unleash your own potential

Not everybody who has a talent for teaching can take a full academic degree; many people don’t even realize that they would be great teachers and we know that there are many out there who have been conditioned by our education systems to stay far away from anything that smells only a bit like school.

No academic training needed

We therefore encourage everybody with and without formal teacher training to join either our short Activity Guide programs or the full Nature Guide program and stay in touch with us to spread empathy for the environment.

Support of existing nature learning initiatives

If you have already started to develop your own course content, get in touch with us and discuss how we can cooperate to strengthen your nature learning community.

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Wie man aus Kindern Piraten macht

Green Steps STP

Seit drei Jahren gehe ich regelmäßig einmal im Monat auf Abfalljagd,i egal wo ich bin. Meine Frau ist noch immer irritiert, aber die Kinder sind gerade wenn wir neue Strecken ablaufen gerne dabei. Auch in St. Pölten wollten wir am Sonntag eine neue Strecke kennenlernen, da ich geglaubt hatte, dass drei Reinigungen rund um die Glanzstoff ausreichend waren. Überdies hatte der städtische Abfalldienst kurz nach unserem Jänner Einsatz den Müll entlang der Herzogenburgerstrasse gründlichen entsorgt.

Shanghai Wetlands: an ecosystem to protect


Nature is not a museum to be admired from a distance. While we all can understand how crucial some areas are, we have to establish a connection in order to truly take care of those places, fully understand their value, and finally commit to preserving it. Dianshan Lake is the only natural lake in the Shanghai area, its health is crucial for over 25 million people, and for over 400 avian species, including endangered shorebirds.


Team Intro

Find yourself travelling the World, find the World in a magical place in the middle of nothing. Is this enough to summarize the mind behind the ARK design? Definitely not! You still need to read more about service design, roller skating and, of course, a passion for nature and sustainability. Get to know Anna!